44 Labs


What is $44

$44 is the native token of 44 Labs and the ecosystem within it's projects MIDH and IDM. It can be earned through staking of the GEN1 collection MIDH. The aim with the token is to create a purpose for the coin and a use-case within the ecosystem, both for holders and for clients.

How can I earn it

Staking of GEN1 will earn you $44.
Mous - 4 $44 pr/day
Mad Mous - 8 $44 pr/day
Cheese - 1 $44 pr/day


Total supply is 44.000.000 $44. This is how it is distributed.

Liquidity Pool

There is no liquidity pool as of yet. However a liquidity pool will be added later.

Where is it tradeable?

Currently it can only be traded on the FFF token market: https://famousfoxes.com/tokenmarket


We will provide value to $44 in different ways. Outside of the gaming (Dealer and more), raffle, auction and art-upgrade utility, clients will be able to use our token to get discounts on our services.


On 20th of March, 2023, we halved the staking rewards for the token. There will be another halving.