44 Labs

The Rainmakers

We at 44 Labs and Mous realize that there is endless talent out there, but luckily people vary hugely in what they are good at, that is what makes us unique. The Cypher Program is meant to identify, support and integrate different individuals into the community and team.
The Rainmaker program is a sub-program within the Cypher Program, meant to identify the best salesmen out there and offer them benefits of selling and scouting for 44 Labs.

How Does It Work

  • Apply through our Discord. Info is in the Designated channel.
  • Get approved by the team to become a Rainmaker
  • Work closely with the team on sales and scouting

What is the role of Rainmakers

  • Actively Scout projects
  • Actively work with the team on sales and closing of deals
  • Make money.

What are the benefits

  • You get a 7% fee on every development service sale.
  • You get to work closely with the 44 Labs team.
  • You get valubale experience.
  • You have a chance at becoming an official 44 Labs salesperson with an even higher referral fee.

What are the requirements

  • Requirement to be actively working on scouting projects for service sales.
  • Work with the team and within all guidelines.
  • Have dedication and passion for sales
  • It is a requirement that you are ready to make money.
*Program for both holders and Non-holders. *No experience needed.