44 Labs


The web3 space is a crazy new, innovative and exciting space to explore. What you expect to find when exploring the communities and every other aspect of this space, is a lot of talented and willing people.
Talent is very variable between the person in question. We at Mous and 44 Labs are always in search of extraordinary talent to join both our team and community.
The Cypher program is a way for us to explore further and discover hidden talent within and outside of our community.

What is the Cypher Program

Our brand is Underground New York City based and "Cypher" is NYC slang for a group of people engaged in Hip-Hop street culture, aiming to be creative.
The Cypher Program will consist of a few different programs, aimed at discovering and helping talent grow with the Mous and 44 Labs team with the eventual goal of being an integral part of it.
Members will be able to work closely with the team and get various benefits to help stimulate their growth.

Cypher Program

  • The Rainmakers
  • The Graffers