44 Labs

Website Development

A website is a great way to represent your values as a project and acts as a platform to convey information to both your community and other interested parties. A nice looking and well designed website, to get this information out to the world is a great tool for any project.
44 Labs offers to build a powerful, well designed and easy-to access website for you to reach a wider audience and build your community.

What do you get?

· A Professionally Built Website
· Full Customer Service
· An Opportunity to reach a wider audience
· An Opportunity to display your values and goals in an effective manner
· Full Ownership of Website
· Affordable Price

Proof Of Work

· 44 Labs Website – https://44labs.io/
· MIDH NFT Website – Under Construction


The required time and price of making a website can vary based on factors like use of templates or original creation and design. We will work closely with our clients to ensure it‘s exactly the way they want it.
Rates start at 1.000 USDC - 1.500 USDC.

Are you interested?

To get a professional to build your website, join our discord and/or contact #Silverfox6662.