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On this page: Graphic Design, Art Inquiries, Tokenomics, Discord Setup, Art Generation, Candy Machine Setup.

Graphic Design

  • A professional look is a necessity for every project! Contact us for quality and professional graphics designs for whatever purpose. Websites, Info Graphics, Art.

Art Inquiries

  • We love making art. Contact us and we'll set you up with quality art for your project! Artwortk, Designs, Art Direction, Graphics.


  • Let us help you create your token and tokenomics to perfectly suit your projects ecosystem.

Discord Setup

  • Need help with Discord setup, let us quickly and efficiently setup your Discord Server to suit your needs!

Art Generation

  • Need help with generating your art for your mint - Let us take care of it! Standard Price: 750 USDC

Candy Machine Setup

  • Need help with setting up the Candy Machine - Let us take care of it!