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Dealer - Whitelabel

Dealer Lootbox System - Whitelabel Product
The Dealer Lootbox Gaming Platform is a new way for projects to earn revenue, burn their tokens and provide utility and games to their communities.
We offer the Dealer whitelabeled to interested projects.
Visit here: https://dealers.gg/​

How does it work?

There are two different boxes with two different prizepools.
  • Solana Boxes - Bought with SOL
  • SPL Token Boxes - Bought with SPL Token
Players open either one of the boxes, paying the cost of the box and a small TX fee. The player always wins something back from the prizepool. This can be NFTs, SOL/Tokens or whatever you want to put into the prizepool.
$44 and SOL boxes

What do you get?

  • Custom Domain for your Dealer (Example: dealer.projectname.io)
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom SPL Token Box design
  • Usage of your SPL Token + SOL on your Dealer
  • Fully Whitelabeled Product
  • Full control over Admin Panel (odds, prizepools, box supply, etc.)
  • A great revenue generating system + token burn mechanism

House Edge

The House edges in terms of TX fees. There are many ways to use the Dealer by using different odds. Want to do Coinflip Boxes (50/50 chance) with attached NFTs, or do you want to do high-roller prizepools with low probability of a win? There are no limits.


The Dealer is essentially free for every project to get. We take a small set-up fee for the design and set-up of website and then we hand the keys of it over. Attached to this is a small TX fee we take of the transactions when using your utility. You are able to add TX fees on top of ours. This is subject to a certain amount of usage of the utility every month.
Example of a client Dealer.


Join https://discord.gg/mousindahous and open a support ticket and tag Silverfox#6662.