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Custom Mint Platform

Custom Minting Platform

If your project is looking to mint a collection, this is a service for you. Get a custom website that gives your minters a clean, quick and easy experience.
To successfully launch a collection, it is important that it is professional, good looking and working as intended. This is what we offer to you. Our aim is to help you launch your project and/or collection in a manner that increases its likelihood of success.
Getting a custom minting platform is way cheaper for projects compared to launching through a launchpad which usually takes a hefty percentage of the mint funds and a share of the royalties. This allows you to save a lot of important funds that will be useful for the long and short-term building of the project.

What will you get

  • Custom minting page and custom URL.
  • Support from us and our community
  • Easy and Smooth minting experience
  • Metadata Generation
  • Art Generation (if requested)


Standard Price for Mint: 1.500 USDC
Standard Price for Art Generation: 750 USDC