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Art Upgrade

Example of an art upgrade platform

Art Upgrade

If there is one thing we love, it's art. We offer to build you a customised art upgrade platform for your NFT collection. Allows your holders to exchange tokens and/or sub NFTs to get their art upgraded/mutated where the metadata is changed.
Usually this includes increased benefits for the upgraded NFTs.
This system can be customised in any way you desire. Free upgrade, token only upgrade etc.
Example of this system is exchanging:
  • 1000 $44 (our native token)
  • One Orb (NFT)
  • Interdimensional Mous
Which will yield an upgraded Interdimensional Mous.
We designed our own Art Upgrade website: https://mad.mousindahous.com/

What will you get

  • Ownership of your own art upgrade website
  • Ability to upgrade your art and providing utility and benefits to holders
  • Ability to burn big amounts of your token
  • Custom design
  • Custom URL (Example: dealer.projectname.io)
  • Native token and/or NFT as currency


Standard Price: 2.500 USDC