44 Labs


Mous In Da Hous
MIDH is the generation 1 collection. This is a brand based project aiming to create one of the best communities in the web3 space.
The Mous live in the NYC underground subway system on 44th station where they chill, smoke, drink and have fun. Read the lore of the Mous here: https://44-labs.gitbook.io/lore/

Types and Mutation

There are two types of Mous, there are the normal Mous and then there are the Mad Mous. To become Mad, the mous have to visit the Underground Lab where they can buy a golden potion. If they drink the said potion, they turn MAD.
Only the elite and rich can afford to get Mad. They earn more $44 and have their art upgraded. Metadata is changed. Does not affect rarity.
Visit the Underground Lab to buy the golden potion here: https://mad.mousindahous.com/


The currency of the Mous is the token $44. It can be spent in various ways. You can use $44 to buy stuff in the Underground Dealers Market (UDM) or used to buy illegal potions to become MAD. They earn it by staking their Mous and Cheese here
Mous earn 4 $44/day - Mad Mous earn 8 $44/day - Cheese earns 1 $44/day

Underground Dealers Market

The underground Dealers Market (UDM) is the main shop for illegal stuff in the Underground. You might find some auctions of forbidden NFTs.


The MAD DAO is a community run DAO and fund brought to the GEN1 community by the team. The community voted on the best candidates to lead the DAO. Revenue from 44 Labs is airdropped to the DAO which can use it for investments, utility, hiring DAO staff (callers etc) and pay outs to the DAO members.
The MAD DAO is the core of the MIDH community and with the co-operation of the MIDH team and the DAO leadership, we will continue to build and grow our community and work on creating the best community run DAO on Solana.
To qualify for the DAO you have to hold 2 or more MAD Mous (upgraded Mous). Only staked members can receive payouts.

Art Studio

The Art Studio is where the Mous come to show their artistic talents or they at least try. Want to get a new cool background for you Mous, want to get a wallpaper with your Mous on?

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