44 Labs


Interdimensional Mous
The Interdimensional Mous is a collection of 2222 NFTs combining amazing art, community and profits. Meanwhile the main goal of the GEN1 collection is to create a brand and community, the main utility of GEN2 is providing good revenue sharing from the 44 Labs profits and another way to join our amazing community.
Unlike our genesis collection, the IDM won't be stake-able and therefore won't earn the $44 token.


The total supply of IDM is 2222 NFTs. This collection will not be minted in the conventional way however.
Round 1: 444 NFTs minted
Round 2: 1778 NFTs minted
We will mint round 1, providing great revenue share and when we are satisfied with our revenue share and capabilities to continue to provide stable and growing revenue share, we will mint round 2.


Our project is very art-focused. We have an amazing art team that has created some noteworthy PFPs. Just look at these.


The Interdimensional Mous are not all equal. There are 5 tiers of Interdimensional Mous, every tier having different power levels and therefore earning different payouts. Total Supply is 2222.
Tier 1 (The Normies) - Supply is 874 - 29% of revenue pool
Tier 2 (The X-Rays) - Supply is 655 - 27% of revenue pool
Tier 3 (The Golds) - Supply is 433 - 22% of revenue pool
Tier 4 (The Interdimensional Gods) - Supply is 211 - 15% of revenue pool
Tier 5 (The Lost Gods) - Supply is 44 - 5% of revenue pool
1/1s - Supply is 5 - Bounties for every payout that is larger than the highest tier

Revenue Share

Total of 60% of all 44 Labs revenue is revenue shared bi-weekly. The 60% revenue share is distributed this way:
  • 35% to GEN2 holders
  • 25% to GEN1 MAD DAO