44 Labs


Who are the team members.

Crizzy - CEO and Creative Director

The founder of MIDH. A creative individual with a passion for aesthetic things. On the move to New York City, where I will continue with my film school journey.
I founded MIDH early 2022 and minted it out in May of that same year. MIDH has always been a community and brand project but our path has since changed. Although our main aim is still to continue to build, grow and maintain our valuable community, we will do so around our company. Having the community behind us on our journey will prove itself as crucial, and we are thankful for the support.
I’ve always been a creative person and looking to create something new which adds a real value to the people. Changed my mind to be a experimental and creative fella when I turned 18.
Building and creating is our passion.

Silverfox - COO and Community Manager

I am Silverfox, a 24 year old medical student in Copenhagen. I came into MIDH as a NFT newcomer and a community member. Got hired as a mod and community manager, promoted to senior mod and eventually to Captain of the project. After I became Captain, Crizzy and me began working on 44 Labs which is a new and exciting territory for me and a big challenge I am ready to face.
Highly motivated individual that loves challenges and learning new things. A leader in nature that lives for the community and ready to help anyone with everything. I think the idea and concept of the web3 space is fascinating and I am ready to contribute to it in every way I can.
No matter what we will never stop building and creating solutions.

Head Dev - Devtonic

I am Devtonic, ive been in and out of the crypto space since 2011. I purchased my first bitcoin for 2 dollars USD and I am still not rich. Im 29 year old father of 4 daughters under 7 years old and I spend all of my spare time building on the solana block chain. I have been spending time tinkering and developing on computers since I got my first PC around 8 years old (this will date me but it had 233mhz processor and 8mb of ram). From a young age I was alway interested in development, and building. Everything from programs, to cars I build it all.
I originally started on a computer with windows 95, I quickly upgraded to windows 98SE and it wasnt long before i realized the potential in linux over windows. I always ran a dual boot system with both windows and linux, but recently due to issues with my dual boot system I decided to switch to linux only and will never go back.
Being in and out of Crypto I eventually brought my development skills into web3, I got my start on BSC, building shit coins, DEXs, staking sites, etc. In 2021 I decided to jump into Solana and start buying solana nfts, from here I became a major Degen, Buying degen mints every day, getting rugged day after day. There came a day when I over invested and got rugged yet again, But instead of leaving it alone, I decided to attempt a de-rug, this got me my start as a solana developer. That de-rug however was a bust, we werent able to get the authority wallet so the project was left there. 1 week later I was hired on to a project to build out their utilities, and once it was completed the project owner and myself formed a partnership and started pushing the products out to projects. After completing the work for 3 projects the 4th project rugged, they didnt pay their bill, they deleted discord. With the help of my team, we managed to get the authorites wallet, and we took over the project. Over the next 6 moths the team, and myself built the project from a hyped degen mint, to a full out utility project with new art, and a lot of new plans.
Fast forward to today, I am still the founder of that project, and CEO of the developing firm for that project. Mous In Da House approached me asking if i would take on the lead developer role for them, and I was more than honored to be asked, I have always loved the MIDH project, the people behind it and the amazing community that I see on almost every twitter post day after day. Im happy to be here helping shape the future of MIDH

Dev - Ricca

My name is Ricca and here is a little story on how I got here. "Geht nicht, gibt's nicht" is German and means something like "There is no such thing as not possible". This has been my motto so far in life, which, in combination with my deep fascination for technological advancement, is probably the reason I started programming when I was 12 years old. The endless possibilities I have with just a computer amazes me every day since. My journey began with coding Lego robots, followed by successfully trying to hack my school's system to access blocked websites for me and my friends. After dipping my toes in the world of teaching yourself stuff on the internet, I started learning Java, JavaScript, C# and Python throughout the next 7 years, developing desktop apps, mobile games, web scrapers and websites. In the summer of 2021, I really got into NFT's and especially Solana, because that was the obvious choice for a young and broke student. I had a lot of fun losing money and meeting new people with the same interest as myself, which led to me joining a few teams as a GM at first. Soon I tried to not only be part of the culture, but rather help to improve the ecosystem. I learned to code Discord bots to help out the project I was part of in a creative way. Now I am here at MIDH, so I guess the whole journey has been worth it so far! GG's

Rest of the team <3

Mods: Luno, N-art and Jordz. The amazing guys who take care of chats, tickets or help in general.
Alpha Callers : Legolas, Georgie and Darren. The amazing guys who make sure the community make some good investments.
Collab Hunters: Wahlegend and Jenga. The amazing guys who guarantee our community members the best collabs.
Social Manager: Darren. The amazing guy who takes care of the MIDH Twitter.
Community Manager: JayNCrouch. The amazing games master, making sure the community has some fun each week.