44 Labs


44 Labs - The company
The NFT and web3 space is a very new and intriguing thing. It is important in a space like this to create and innovate to thrive, that is our aim at 44 Labs. This very young space is also very underdeveloped and lacking in professionalism and quality. More and more projects and companies are now starting to come up and bringing the much needed maturity to this space. This is something we want to contribute to. 44 Labs is a startup from the NFT collection Mous that will provide quality products and service to other web3 brands and projects.
With the NFT collection MIDH, we have built a great community and brand that we will continue to expand upon as our 44 Labs journey continues. The company will be run as a profitable business that returns much of the profits to the collection holders as well as to the generation 2 Interdimensional Mous.