Chapter 1 - Interdimensional Entry

The year is 3022, it’s been almost 3 years since the Bear 19-virus hit New York City. A freak of nature; it caused humans exposed to it to fall into hibernation, never to wake up again, all reminiscent of a bear. As a consequence, the city was like a ghost town, not a soul to be seen. The exception was Crizzy however, and a select few. Who self-proclaimed themselves to be fortunate enough to grab a respirator mask in time. Nobody knew what the cure was and little did they know the respirators did absolutely jack shit. It was all the Chees’ doing.
“Holy fuck, I think I might just fomo into this” Crizzy said with an exasperated sigh as he smacked his thigh in frustration while looking at his phone. He was in a subway bound for Harlem and what better way to pass the time, than to waste some extra $Chees he’d acquired since the last bull run market. Since their inception 250 years ago, local neighborhood-run cryptocurrencies have since been made law. “It’s just like in the days of Solana, an utter pump and dump clusterfuck,'' Crizzy said with a defeated sigh as he pressed the turbo sweep option on his phone’s screen. As the animation began for the sweeping on his Shad-E-Swap app, an alarm wailed as the subway car jolted. He almost threw his phone as the hibernating body of the old man next to him, fell on his lap. “AYO, GET OFF CREEPY OLD DUDE” Crizzy said with a shriek as he pushed the limp body away. But as soon as he thought the danger had passed, a demonic voice screamed “NEXT STOP, 44TH STREET STATION''
“Huh, that's weird. Don’t remember there being a 44th street stati-” as, yet another one of Crizzy’s self-monologues, was interrupted by the subway speeding up, causing him to fall backwards. It suddenly went pitch black, as Crizzy felt himself float off the ground. Before immediately falling back down again, landing chin first this time, on the subway car’s floor. “OOOMPH” was all he could manage to say as bright neon lights poured inside the subway car. The wild colors seemed to almost dance against the darkness. Loud noises as if he was in the middle of 14th street, roared from outside. As he slowly got up and peered out the window, he couldn’t believe what he saw.
Large towering statues of almost human looking mice were lining the platform where the subway had stopped. Blunts in their mouths, blocks of cheese in hand. They seemed almost like giant guardians, stuck inside concrete bodies. Behind them, Crizzy could see the source of all the lights and commotion. Shops with signs that glowed more than the ones in Times Square. A sectioned off area with large portals from which pictures of apes, bears and… “Are those Degods? What the fuck” Crizzy said with a confused expression as a framed picture of a Degod appeared through a portal. Instantly being sucked up into a tube network, as it was presumably sent for storage. And everywhere, there were humanoid mous. Some were wearing golden monocles, others had bandanas on and some even had golden halos floating on top of their heads. Crizzy slapped himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. “Okay…so this is happening” he told himself as he continued to look. The mous seemed as if they were going about their daily lives. The subway’s doors finally hissed open, as Crizzy looked to his right. Anticipating what came next...
A voice exclaimed “HE’S ALIVE!” as a mous walked in. His black, baggy hoodie emblazoned with the letters ‘MAGMI’. Eyes red as if he was stoned to the bone, and gold chains on with a diamond encrusted, totally iced out centerpiece that spelled ‘44th’. Another mous glided in behind him. He was more elegant, yet at the same time weirdly dressed of the two. A thick, groomed beard, cyclops glasses on and a helmet for some odd reason between his two big ears. He also wore a similar chain to the first mous. “Give the poor lad a wee second to adjust himself, before youse scramble his noggin again” the second mous said with a gruff laugh as he took a puff of his pipe and blew the smoke out. “Am I fucking dreaming right now?” Crizzy asked himself whilst hyperventilating as he tried to make sense of what was happening. “Nah fam, you’re all good. You’re just at the 44th street station, and it’s Mous reality up in this bitch, right Jack?” the stoned mous reassuringly said to Crizzy.
“Aye, yer in safe hands don’t worry. We mous are a peaceful people, our cause is just and our morals are right!” chipped in Jack, the mous with the helmet. He continued on “Youse transcended the reality barrier. Yer in the mous crypto realm now. The first living human we’ve had!” “Wait, so the rest died?” Crizzy said with an alarmed look. “Nay. They weren’t vibey enough, all sleeping like bears” Jack said sadly. The stoned mous chimed in “But we’re glad you’re okay! We honestly needed a human’s help with our crypto schemes, which is why we’ve been sending the subway into your realm for volunteers, for the past 3 years. Also, I’m Kevin!” he ended with a big smile. “So you want me to do what?” Crizzy asked, puzzled.
“We want youse to help us acquire and accumulate the best nfts throughout time! So we can burn them and use our special Mad Mous Vibes generator to pump our currency up in value!” Jack explained. “See our $44th currency was started by the first mous, who came to this reality and buit the 44th street station. Gradually, over the course of several thousands of years it’s turned into the single most important thing to us, more than air. We use it to pay bills, get groceries and everything else you could imagine. And ever since bear-19 hit your world, it has been affecting ours too” Kevin finished explaining. “So wait, what year is it here?” Crizzy inquired with a quizzical look. “Time is not a relevant construct here, my dude. Mous are eternal in this realm. We each get sent here from Earth, randomly at some point in our lives. Some of us here are from Greek times!” Kevin revealed to Crizzy. This was all so much for Crizzy to handle. But he knew one thing for sure. He was a crypto genius. Or at least, he was confident in himself as being one.
“Fine I’ll help. But you have to explain some things to me again, because some of the things you guys said went over my brain” Crizzy said.
“LETS FUCKING GO!” exclaimed Jack, surprising Crizzy enough to make him jump.
“We’re about to clean up the 44th street station and get your shit mooning again!” Crizzy ended as he slowly walked towards the subway exit and out onto the station with the two mous in tow.
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